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    I understand EDGE is available on Cingular and is faster than GPRS on T-Mobile. When I look at the specs on unlocked 650, it only mentions GPRS. Does that mean the unlock version will not run EDGE on Cingular?

    What does AT&T use?

    Sorry for my ignorance on the subject but I would appreciate some education. Thanks.
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    My guess is that the Unlocked GSM also has EDGE. Otherwise it would mean that they have a different radio/chip in the unlocked version, which is highly unlikely.
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    My connection to Internet says GPRS. How do I know if I am on the EDGE?
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    The unlocked GSM supports EDGE. It's not very easy to find it in p1's spec sheet but it's there.
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    Well there are 2 ways:

    1) Take 2 steps forward and if you fall you're definately "on the edge"
    2) If your medication wears off you probably will be also.

    Oh, you mean on the Treo 650 ...... there is no way other then checking your speed and even that isn't foolproof. Ya just gotta believe!

    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric
    How do I know if I am on the EDGE?
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    if you want to check your speed to determine whether or not you in an edge area, go to
    this link will be fairly self explanatory. if you get significantly faster speed than dialup, you are in an edge area. be warned, it can vary wildly (in my location, anyway - 60 to 140 kbps).
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