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    Is the only way to get email from the account to log onto Cingular MEdia and view it via their webmail interface? I was hoping to set up an account in my email client and use the 'user' as an alternate email address, but it seems Cingular may not allow access to their POP server?
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    Yes, there is a pop (incoming) mail server and an smtp (outgoing) you can use to access that mailbox with any mail program. They don't make the settings easy to find.
    I'm not at my PC right now so I'll post the details in an hour or so. Or you can search on google for " pop" and see if that digs anything up in the mean time.
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    Googled and found a thread on hofo that said use for both smtp and pop. Interestingly, it's working for smtp (without authentication), but not for pop. Will not grab messages I see via their webmail client. No error messages when connecting, though. Any other settings you might suggest?
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    Hey, what do you know, I found this in my Treo's memo pad. I had the settings written down the whole time. Yes, for SMTP it's The only downside to using that SMTP server is that it adds someting like "Cingular Photos" to the end of your email (I don't remember the exact text.)

    Here are the settings. Note the pop server is infospace because that's who provides all of the services to Cingular.
    Also here's a thread on Howard Forums on the same subject.

    Cingular ISP Settings:

    UID: <youruserid>
    PW: (MediaNet password)

    UID: (none)
    PW: (none)

    Note: For some reason the SMTP server isn't working for me right now. I haven't used it in months so I don't know if something change with it or it's just me. Although there is supposed to be NO authentication on the SMTP server you can try with you UID and PW (same as the POP) but I don't think it'll work.

    I used this just to try it out months ag, but I use Yahoo Mail for all of my POP mail needs and don't bother with the address. Yahoo has POP/SMTP server access.
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    Dunno... can't connect to Says to check the server name entry.

    I'll keep playing with it and see if I've got something typed in wrong. Thanks for your help.
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    It's not working at all for me either. If I set up an account in outlook express I can connect to But from my treo it won't connect. It has something to do with not being able to connect from the wireless network. I even hooked my treo up to the internet through my PC (using softickPPP) and it was able to get mail from, but as soon as I switch back to the GPRS network it can't find the server.
    Secondly, doesn't work for me either as an SMTP server. That was the only SMTP server I had heard of, maybe something changed with it.

    I don't know what's going on. These are (were) the right settings I assure you.
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    I having been trying these settings and many others for over a week now. Even called Cingular CS and was told they don't have a SMTP server and would not let me speak to someone higher up. They wend further to tell me that I had to go to yahoo or hotmail to get an email account. Incoming messages on two different accounts are working perfectly. However, I could not send outgoing at all.

    I broke down today and signed up for fastmail at for a one time fee of $14.95. This gave me an outgoing SPTP server so when I send a message from my 650 it appears as if I sent it from my desktop, at least as far as the address that I sent the email from.

    The setup went perfectly and within a few minutes I was able to send messages from to anyone from my 650 on two different domain accounts. It is beautiful and fastmail was the cheapest I could find with a one time fee. FWIW I am using snappermail premier instead of versamail as it appears to handle multiple accounts better so far.

    Hope this helps someone as this process has been a pain and of course Cingular is of absolutely no help.

    my .02
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    I also set up an account with fastmail some time back in order to use the push mail feature on Chatter Mail. I was auto-redirecting messages from outlook at work (so I could get my email out.) Now I'm set up Cingular's XPress Mail Personal Edition which allows me to get mail directly from the Exchange server at work and as far as I can tell it cost me nothing extra. Now I don't really use the fastmail account for much.
    I still use yahoo for my personal email. It has a POP and SMTP server for you to use. I pay the small annual fee for the upgrade (but I don't know if it's necessary for POP/SMTP.) It's still just POP mail but it works great with Snapper Mail.

    Fastmail is definately the way to go just to have email since it's IMAP. The whole email things is totally frustrating.
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  9.    #9 for the smtp server works. Just found it in a thread under 650 hardware. Still no luck on pop, though.
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    not, it's
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    That works as an outgoing, cool, does anyone know what it is? does it belong to cingular?
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    ^I think I read somewhere it's C(ingular) W(ireless) S(ervices) X(something or other).
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    hehe, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    not, it's
    I'm trying to configure my SMTP settings for Cingular on my Treo 650. I set the SMTP server as but get this error message: 5535.0.0 User address required."

    Can somebody tell me the correct SMTP settings for Cingular using Versamail?


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