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    I have been trying to determine why realplayer gets no love from anybody. I am not looking to do shoutcast or streaming and only have MP3 files (no time to convert to another format.)

    Also, with Realplayer (and Volume Rocker) I am able to Change the volume as well as move ahead/back a track and pausu/play all with the side buttons for when the Treo is in a case of some sort.

    So I am trying to figure out why I would want to move over to Ptunes.


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    Same here. I notice though that now many of my audio mp3's show up in the play list on the realplayer as available. Do I need to somehow change them to another format? Or can I remove realplayer and install Ptunes to ROM instead of RAM? I dont think Ptunes will run from SD Card only will it?
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    You can run ptunes off the SD card but only for MP3 songs - you need to have it in internal memory for it to be able to stream from shoutcast (which by the way is amazing. I'm such a howard stern fan and now I can listen to him pretty much at any time...)

    When it comes to realplayer vs ptunes for just playing MP3 I honestly don't think it's all that big a difference. People seem to like the equalizer option on ptunes but I'm pretty lazy and havent adjusted it once on ptunes (there's also a sounds/bass boost on ptunes that can make it quite loud).
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    That is pretty much what I thought. I do not think I will shoutcast as I can not afford to make it so folks goto voicemail. Maybe if and when I know or have more time I will look at the other formats.

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    Howard stern on shoutcast? I did not see him in there. Is he a low bitstream station? What is the link site? only in the mornings?
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    Realplayer is becoming a favorite of mine. After using ptunes for a few months I'm now rediscovering realplayer. I've learned that I can play reaplayer in the background and my side volume keys control the music volume and the side key is a pause/resume key. That is very cool.

    I've also been playing with busker which is kind of neat since it will display the album art while playing
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    This may be the stupidest question ever but here goes!! I have a 650, a memory card , and realplayer. How the hell do I get songs from a CD to realplayer. Thanks
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    You need to rip the songs off the CD to mp3 format using a tool like dbPowerAmp

    then transfer the MP3s to your SD card
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    jhat, you can also use the tools that come with the new RP (v10) on your desktop. It'll take care of everything from the CD copy all the way to the transfer. That's how I've been doing it since I had RP on my 600. It sync's directly (not through Hotsync), and is comparatively fast when loading music. Also, while your on the RP site, download the updated RP for your 650.
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    I think a lot of people (myself included) are just anti-realplayer because of their lame PC player and stupid proprietary rm format. I dont wanna use any realplayer software anywhere

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    I'm such a howard stern fan and now I can listen to him pretty much at any time...)
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaah, that's a top quality in any chick!! Cool

    jhat: The station is called "Talk one" or something.. Just search on shoutcast for stern -- I think it's 24kbps

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