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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveDu
    Well I am proud to say FINALLY I became another member of unlocked 650 family!

    I bought mine on Feb 5th and changed my Media Basic to Works BEFORE I know they were going to change (LOL consider a point-blank shot...) from a corporate store in La Mesa, CA at full retail price. After getting at least 5 different answers on unlocking the subsidy lock and today I finally got a tech support provided me the code WITH no hassle at all!

    Yes according to the tech it is *#*#xxxxxxxx# and send button where x is your 8-digit unlock code. After that the phone will pop up a dialog and say "The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone." I poped in my friend's T-Mobile SIM and it works, smoothly... I'll put in a picture tomorrow or so

    What I figured is do call that 866 number on the top and if you can, buy it at retail price and stay with Cingular for at least half year (3 years my case) and lol most important of all... Good luck getting a kind-hearted tech support, I got 5 different answers within 3 hours in a day and yes, if the tech on the phone doesn't feel want to help you, they won't.

    Yeah, GOOD LUCK and man TreoCentral is a wonderful community, I am glad I found it.
    hey, what number did you dial from the first post and what state are you in?
    Cause I just called the first 866# and the rep said she could not help me since I was in NJ and she was in CA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistersleepy
    i thought you only had 5 tries to unlock the phone?
    5 tries before you have to reset and give it another whirl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisL77
    hey, what number did you dial from the first post and what state are you in?
    Cause I just called the first 866# and the rep said she could not help me since I was in NJ and she was in CA.

    Either (866) 287-6131 or (866) 801-2600... Good luck!
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    Ok. tried again. This time the rep said she could not access my accoutn because she was on the west coast and I was on the east coast. So then I told her I had tried 3 times to reach technical support via the normal CS # and I was disconnected every time. Then she said she could try and see if the number generated could work. I gave her my IMEI # and 2 minutes later she read off the 8 digit unlock code. Minutes later my t-mobile sim is working!!!!

    Thanks guys.
    btw - I called the 866-287-6131 #.
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    Good deal. I'm still waiting for my unlock code to come in via email (they promised today, again) because I'm considered a new customer for this account.
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    btw, I signed up with cingular on 1/31/04. Since she couldn't access my account she couldn't tell how long I'd been with cingular. She also didn't ask.
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    Thanks to this thread, I was successful by the third try. Here are some hints I gathered to those who tried with no avail.
    First off, if you did get a contract do *NOT* mention it cs, even if they ask. Because they WILL slap you with the 90 day card right across the face. Second and lastly, be nice, and presistent and hope that you get lucky with a cs that has had a good day. Make up a story, if you have to, about travelling very soon.. I only lied about when and not where Im going
    Oh and the number I called was, 8662876131 and I bought the phone from cali.. so this might not help those who are not lucky enough to enjoy the sun during these months..

    Hope iv been of some sorta help in return, as Iv gained a lot from these discussion.
    Peace and keep the conversations flowing..
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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisL77
    btw, I signed up with cingular on 1/31/04. Since she couldn't access my account she couldn't tell how long I'd been with cingular. She also didn't ask.
    I signed up 2 days after you, and then ported a Sprint number 9 days later. But I used to be a corporate customer for a long time.

    Update: Just got my unlock code. The *#*#XXXXXXXX#<SEND> does not work on this.

    The instructions I received:
    1. Place non Cingular SIM
    2. When asked about your subsidy code, enter XXXXXXXX

    I unlocked it, and the TMobile prepaid SIM is working just fine.
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    I just had my phone unlocked 1 1/2 hours before my flight to Finland. I've read and re-read this article, called all the numbers, emailed all the places, told all the stories, been working on it for two weeks, and finally hit pay dirt. I used all the numbers, but the one that I always got an answer at was 1-866-287-6131 on the west coast.

    They were always friendly, and the first two guys wanted to help me, but said they couldn't because they didn't have access due to me being in TX (BS). I called back 2 hours before my flight, and got a woman. I told her I just migrated to Cingular from ATT (BS), my company provides me with prepaid SIM cards for my use in Finland (BS). They always worked in my ATT Treo 600 (BS), but no longer worked in my upgraded "WORLD" phone Treo 650 (True). My friend said he called and got some kind of "subsidy unlock code" that made his work (BS). I've been transferred to TX several times, but always been cut off or Cust. Serv answered and didn't know s__t from shinola (True), and wouldn't transfer me to Data Services for that. I'm leaving for Finland in 2 hours (True), and I know it can be done, so can she ppppllllleeeeeaaaaazzzzzeeee help me!!! She didn't even put me on hold, she took my IMEI number, and 15 seconds later read me an 8 digit number. JACKPOT!! She said it's the first time she's done it, but she new they keep all "SSUC"s on file for the Treo 650s. Copy that... ALL SSUCs ARE KEPT ON FILE AND RETREIVABLE WITHIN 15 SECONDS, EVEN FROM A DIFFERENT REGION.

    Entered my code using * method at the airport, bought dna Prepaid sim at R kiosk in Helsinki, popped it in, and now get 44 cent (EU) international rates home to land lines, and 66 to mobile numbers, free unlimited incoming text messages, and 16 cents (EU) local call and outbound texts. I can even connect and check my mail by leaving the network settings the same and just losing the 16 cents per minute (although Cingular may be raping me for accessing their GPRS network from and international number).

    Anyway, keep plugging, and you'll eventually get it. Picture proof included.
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    Well I got the 90 day runaround so I asked for a supervisor. I was told that even with the unlock code I would need International Call service approved and that required a form to be filled out by CS to the Fraud Prevention department (What!?!) I was told that it would take 3 days for it to be delivered/read by this group and that I should call CS back at the same number 1-866-287-6131 .

    I mentioned that I was leaving the country in 3 weeks and the purpose of me getting a world smartphone was to use pre paid sims. I was told there was nothing she could do and it is now in the hands of Fraud Protection aka Big Brother ...

    This 90 day clause is not written in anything I have seen and would love to get the T/C's in writing. Maybe I will whn I call back on Monday.

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    part 2

    Fraud Protection called me this morning and within 2 minutes I had the International calling and roaming feature added to my line. But wait ... now all outbound calls go to Cingular Support ... what the heck!?!

    Inbound calls work
    Internet Access works

    ... OK, so I call CS and tell them I have just added International calling to my line and would like the subsidy code please .. oh yeah I cannot make outbound calls. The CS hits some keys for about 7 minutes. Put me on hold for 5 minutes. Then has me display my 650's IMEI number, puts me on hold for another 6 minutes.

    Thanks for holding ... she gave me the code and voila that ever elusive "Your SIM card is now unlocked" messege flashed on it's screen. Persistance people ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by capital

    Just in case, here's what you hit to unlock the phone:

    Unlock code: *#*# + 9-digit unlock code+ # + hit "dial."


    I finally got a naive rep to give me the codes but she didn't have the instructions!

    Thanks for the instructions!

    To HELL with Cingular and their 90 day bull****!
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    Hello everone,

    I bought the phone 1 month ago. I called today and told them that I am going to start traveling around the world and need to unlock the phone. The tech guy said that now that CINGULAR merged with ATT that CINGULAR was not going to unlock any phones anymore as a result of ATT having world coverage.

    I told them that 2 of my friends bought the phone the same tiem I did and they already have it unlocked. The tech guy put me on hold for 1 min. then told me that he submitted a request for unlock to the team that does that and that they are going to call me or send me a text message with the unlock code or with a request denial.

    So, I am waiting for that right now.

    What does everybody think? will they give me the unlock code?
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