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    Just bought a VDX, and I've been looking for e-books to download. Does anyone know where I could go? Thanks!
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    You can get some free eBooks from my web page and MemoWare Web Site:

    Byron's Emporium

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    They have recent books and their own reader that is free with a purchase. Selection is pretty good for ebooks!

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    where can i find well known books that i can download for free i also need a reader i think all the books i have seen are unheard of
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    A good free doc reader is CSpotRun, available from PalmGear.

    The MemoWare books are free because they are ancient books who's copyright has expired.
    Most books you have heard of still have intact copyrights, and their authors expect to be paid for the priviledge of reading them.
    Most of the PeanutPress books are reasonably priced, often cheaper than the equivalent paperback.
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    My favorite site for ebooks is the above mentioned Their books are already formated for Palm, and you can start reading within a few minutes of buying them. (They have a *great* reader for thier books.)
    Also check out Most of the books are in PDF or HTML format. (I ususally get the HTML version, then save the text in my word processing program. If you already have a document reader, you can use it for these books.)
    PeanutPress also has a 'MakeBook' program that can format text into pdb files for their reader.
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    I've deleted my CSpotRun for the new PeanutPress reader. it can handle docs and has all the features CSpotRun did plus a few other useful items (bookmarks, notes, etc.)

    I think they knocked CSpotRun out of existance with this version of their FREE reader.
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    I tried the new Peanut eBook Reader on my Visor.
    I don't know about your statement about CSpotRun.
    The Peanut Reader has to prepare a DOC file for viewing (it has to create a reference file for each DOC file open), kind of like the MobiBook Reader which leaves a small file / foot print on your palm unit for each DOC.
    The CSpotRun eBook Reader just plainly open an eBook and remember where you left off in each DOC file open.
    I haven't spotted a CSpotRun foot print for each eBook that I know of on my Visor?
    CSpotRun still rules I believe as a free Reader.


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