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    Is there a mail program that will filter email before retrieving via POP (or even after)? For example, I subscribe to a lot of developer mailing lists that generate a lot of traffic. When I download my mail, I'd don't want the program to grab messages sent to those addresses (to save download time just grab mail that might be important).

    I just got my Treo 650 and haven't played in depth with VersaMail so if it can do this, I didn't see it on my initial pass.

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    Some of my email comes through my web site and I pull it with Outlook on my PC.
    Then I forward the good (non spam) mail I want on my Treo to an address I set up just for my treo on my dsl provider. I use rules to forward the good stuff.
    It works great. I get 2 to 300 emails a day 5 to 10 legit.
    Outlook puts all but 5 or 6 of the junk into junk and then my dsl provider sorts out the last few and I barely ever get any junk to my treo.

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    Or you can have your email forwarded to gmail and play around with its filtering tools so that only what you want is left in the inbox for POP.

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