Like many here I have been lurking for some time. Last week I jumped on the treo 650 from the unlocked one. Called and asked for the $599 price and they attached a note to credit me $100 when it ships.
Went to Cingular yesterday and set up an account. Got on a plan with 850 nationwide mins. and got the Media Works. I opted for no contract.
For all of you on the fence, apparently the new plans come out on the 12th of this month. Media Works will be 3M as stated elsewhere and there will be a general price increase on most of the plans.
The manager of the cingular store stated that the media works didn't work with the palm phones and all that I would be able to do was get text messaging. I even had to show him on the web page where that is what Cingular sells with the palm but he was convinced you had to get a " pda media plan" Well I trusted you guys, that said I could get internet as well.

Thanks for all the great information. Be prepared for some newbie questions but I will try the seach feature first.