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    We use Quicken to do our finances. I've been using MyCheckbook on my Visor to keep track of checks I write -- but then they have to be manually entered into Quicken. Our daughter uses Microsoft Money and says there's a program that links directly from the Visor to that program. But my husband likes Quicken because of TurboTax -- so is there any way I can enter my checks in my Visor, then sync, then transfer a file to him to enter into Quicken?
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    Try Pocket Quicken.
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    I also use Quicken Deluxe 2000 at home and purchased pocket Quicken for my Visor. It works great!!! Pocket Quicken can be found at Simply hotsync and the next time you open Quicken, it will ask you to accept the entries.

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    Thanks, but I have a further question. My husband is the one who keeps track of stuff in Quicken 2000, and it is on HIS computer, not mine. I sync my Visor with my computer and he syncs his Visor with his computer (our daughter who has a Ph.D. in child development psychology says in nursury school kids this is called "parallel play"!). Is there a way for me to sync with my computer and then give him a file on a floppy? I'm afraid if I sync my Visor to his computer we'll get into a mess!
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    You can setup his HotSync to sync with your visor, and only have the conduit for Quicken enabled to sync.

    Have all other conduits set to "Do Nothing" as the default.

    I currently do this with my daughters Visor and it works great.
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    OK, it sounds great. So I went to PalmGear, paid for Pocket Quicken. Couldn't get the download to work the first several times. Finally got it. Tried to install it. It insists that I have Quicken on my computer or it won't even install. But I sure don't want to be running Quicken on both my computer and my husband's computer. At least, I sure don't want duplicate data files -- therein lies chaos!

    Any suggestions?
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    Hi, I just installed Pocket Quicken tonight. Install the software on the PC that runs Quicken. I assume that PC has a cradle to hot sync with. It doesn't actually do anything except allow syncing with quicken so you will not need it on your PC. Then do as Brett says with the conduit and it should work fine.

    p.s. hook your 2 PCs together so you can share some files.
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    Thanks. I loaded Pocket Quicken on my husband's computer, set up my Visor as another handheld on his Hot Sync Manager. Just made sure that Datebook, Calendar and such did NOT sync. Only synced Pocket Quicken and it worked fine.

    But it's a good think he's out of town -- it makes him really nervous when I get near his computer! He believes that my favorite computer game is to mess with my computer until it stops working and then fix it. And he sure doesn't want me playing it on HIS computer. But since he's gone for two weeks, I can make sure everything looks normal before he gets back! As for linking the computers -- it's probably not a good idea for us for the same reason! (We've been married 38 years and can share towels, forks, and even a toothbrush if necessary -- but not computers!)

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