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    I just upgraded to a T650, and my wife's upgrade is coming soon. We will both have the Palm-branded Jabra BT250 headsets. Can I assume correctly that we can pair both headsets to both Treos, so that if one of us needs to use a headset in each of our cars, the headset will link up with the proper Treo? As an aside, if both headsets are in close proximity to a T650, and a call comes in, I assume that whichever headset you hit the answer/end button will be the one to take the call. Any experience/input is welcome.
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    You can definantely pair two headsets to each device as each would have a seperate remote device address. The Treo can only route calls to one headset at a time. I would guess that the headset in closer proximity would prevail as the headset calls would be routed to, so the headset being paged with hte call would have to be the one that would work. If both were the same distance from the handset it would have to connect with only one unit, not simply by pressing the call button. Given the design of the BT250 I would think it woul dbe very hard to see which one the call is routed to if you did not hear the ring in the ear piece.

    That said, why would you not just carry your headset with your phone instead of leaving the headset in the car? I carry mine everywhere the phone goes as it works jsut as well around the house and I get decent range from the phone as well.
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    I have the Treo Wireless headset and the Akono HBH-660 for use with one Treo650. When I switch from one to another headset, I have to re-pair the headset with the Treo650.

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