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    Everytime I sync with Hotsync everything is deleted in the Outlook calendar on my computer and my Treo 650 calendar remains blank as well.

    What is going on here? I've lost a lot of calendar info.
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    Welcome to the crappy world of palm sync.

    Force desktop overrides handheld, and you should be okay.
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    I had the "Outlook wins over handheld" selected under "settings" for conflicts when I had the prime setting at "Synchronize". Is there no way tro sync and pull added dates from my handheld to the desktop Outlook?
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    The DT over handheld should get you everything on the desktop but the selection 'Outlook wins over handheld' is just a setting if a record has been edited on both sides (HH and DT).
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    Then exactly what is "Sync" supposed to do? I can tell you that for me it deleted all of my DT calendar info in Outlook. I thought Sync was meant to add HH changes to the DT and DT changes to the HH where no conflict existed. Instead Sync made my DT calendar look like my HH calendar...BLANK...even though I had Outlook wins over DT in what I thought was the conflict setting. BTW, thanks for helping. I just couldn't stand for re-adding the info back to Outlook calendar for a fourth time.

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