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    After installing the updates of Shadowmite's ROM and Sprints ROM patch, how can I tell that everything installed correctly? Is there somewhere to check the versions so I know the ROM updated properly?

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    one thing I noticed is that the apps which I did not want anymore: Business Connect, Real Player, Tour are no longer on the 650. Also, the real proof is the better sound from the phone!!
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    agreed. only problems i had was whenever i would play music in MMPlayer then exit out, the treo would reset.
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    Thanks. I am actually missing some things as well, and have Notepad and Voice Memo. So I know Shadow's ROM is on. How about Sprints Roaming patch? Anywhere to check revision numbers? I installed the roaming patch before the ROM. Since installing ROM #3, I reinstalled the roaming patch. I think I should be all set?

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