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    Hi everyone, since i've had my Treo 300, every text message I receive Displays from No Caller Id, so it is impossible to tell who the message is coming from.I use treo300sms and I can send my messages just fine. I called Sprint to talk to them about this, and there data technician told me that it was my software on my phone and I needed to contact pdaapps about the problem. They were also nice enough to try to set my phone up again with the provisioning update, but surprise- it didn't work. Reading around the net i found people with the same problem but no resolutions. Has anyone here had the same problem and how do I get this fixed?
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    same problem
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    The problem with PDAAPPS was BS, it's a problem with the Treo 300 firmware, it doesn't always get the phone #, EVERYONE WITH T300 will have that problem. once they upgraded me to the T600 everything is LOVELY NOW!
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