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    Here are a few minor things I've noticed:

    1) While composing a message, if you are sending to several recipients (5-ish or more in the To: field) and you save the message to Drafts, the address field will be truncated and some of the addresses on the end will be lost. When an email is sent, the To: field is ok - it only happens when saving the message locally.

    2) The above also happens in the Treo.Sent folder - the to: field will be truncated after the message was sent - even though the actual message and all recipients made it out ok.

    3) The Copy/Paste commands from the keyboard do not seem to work while in the To:/CC:/BCC: lookup window "To: (Use comma to seperate) ". Hitting the menu bar and then selecting Copy or Paste with the stylus works, but not when hitting menu then C or menu then P (just C or P are typed on the screen).

    4) The alerts list is not updated when a new alert is added to the Treo. Even after shutting down chatter the list is not updating. A soft reset to the Treo will update the alerts list in Chatter. I'm not sure if this is a PalmOS problem or what.
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    Anyone else with these issues?

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