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    Has anyone tried connecting their Treo 650 with a MultiTooth hands free kit?

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    Now that I have my Treo 650, I can confirm that it does not seem to recognize my Multitooth. I guess I'm now in the market for the best similar solution (car and headset) for the Treo.
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    Their Supertooth model seems to work well with the 650.
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    The Multitooth and the AnyCom HCC-110 look to be identical. The HCC-110 is listed as one of the compatible car kits by PalmOne. Did you install the Bluetooth Car Kit update before testing the Multitooth?
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    The entire line can be viewed here:

    I have asked a few times here about the G-Lite and other earpiece and it seems no one has tried it....few users of Supertooth tho....and word is a new version is coming out soon.

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