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    Does anyone know if I can have two 650's on a Cingular Family plan and both of them access the Media Works (unlimited internet) for $19.99? Or, do I need Media Works for each phone?
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    you need mediaworks for both. the only features your familytalk plan shares are the rollover minutes, n+w, and mobile-to-mobile. other than that, you'd need to add whatever additional features to both lines individually.
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    That's what I thought. Dang.
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    Yup, on our Family Plan we need 2 MEdia accounts.
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    That is the case with all carriers, not just Cingular. I have vision on both phones with sprint, but in the shared plan the second phone costs only $5 for vision, not $15
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    True. I just came back from a Cingular store and they told me the same thing. I need to have two MW to be able to use them in my two lines. Or I could just swapped sim cards(Rep words) He also gave me the new palns and prices MD stays with same price BUT goes from Unlimited Internet to 3MB and from 1500 text msg to 1000 text msg. To have the all MW package you have to add it on to your account before the 13th.

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