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    I was cruisin' around E-bay and saw a CD of palm software called PalmSoft 2000 in the computers/pda section. Anybody got one of these or have any info?

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    As far as I know it is BS. These people go around collecting every piece of freeware they can find, burn it to a CD, and then sell it as something special.

    I am assuming this is the same....which means you can download for FREE what is on this CD.


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    It might be an OK option for someone with a terribly slow internet connection who wants to try a bunch of stuff out.

    Odd are, though, that the CD will not have current versions of most of the software included.

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    Even if you had a 2400 baud could still download that crap. Most files, as I'm sure you know, are around the 25kb range. It's not like downloading Internet Explorer.
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    Isn't that the CD that came with the book "PalmPilot The Ultimate Guide"? I bought the book and found it very helpful - even for Visors! Lots of useful tips and tricks - and reviews of various apps and hacks. The CD was included simply for the convenience of the reader. Of course, as time goes by, it will be outdated. But I'll bet the seller on eBay isn't giving you the book! Keeping the book for himself, I'll bet!
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    my friend bought a cd like thatr and thought it had full version games but really it only had lots of freeware it is still prteyy cool and he let me borrow it and i put almost all of them on my visor deluxe

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