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    I know that the popup killer is an option, but it works really good for me, besides the fact that it also kills my treoalarm alarm.

    TreoAlarm ( is about the only stable alarm clock for the Treo 650 (works with keyguard on and does not crash when it plays an alarm...) and I would really like to have it work with Chatter.

    Checking of the popup killer solves the problem for the alarm, but it brings back the old problem of pop-ups on the 650 that block all other things.

    It would be great if you find a way around it...
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    I don't think there can be a way around it, if TreoAlarm uses the alert manager. It's not obvious how I'd distinguish this alert from any other.

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    How can I tell that TreoAlarm uses the alert manager? It does not show the famous "flashing asterix" on top after Chatter killed the alarm.

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