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    Using Snappermail on my 600 now...had to get the Enterprise edition so I could get IMAP support for outgoing (since my ISP doesn't support SMTP outgoing if I'm not on my cable modem for some odd reason). Anyways, since Versamail that comes with the 650 supports there any reason to stay with Snapper...what does everyone think about Versamail? 650 in route!
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    Versamail is buggy, and burnt to rom. Stay with Snappermail!

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    Try ChatterEmail. I switched from Snapper to Chatter for the "push". IMHO ChatterEmail is the best application on my Treo 650 with the ABSOLUTE best customer support.
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    VersaGarbage stinks... Keep Snapper!!!!!

    crashes, freezes, etc.. three times a month or so
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    I kept snapper, no regrets. Solid as a rock.
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    Thanks guys....Snapper it is...
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    Ditto on SnapperMail. When I upgraded to the 650, I thought I'd leave out Snapper and give VersaMail a chance. But after sooo many issues with it, I went back to Snapper and never looked back.
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    You'd think that Palm's built-in apps would function flawlessly. What are they, Windows programmers?


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