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    A recent experience: My 2-month old Treo 600 came down with the "Treo Melanoma" recently (orange pixels that grew by the day across the screen). I called PalmOne for an exchange, and they had given me the standard two options:

    1) put my credit card down for the price of a new phone, they would send me a (refurbished) replacement in 7-10 days, and I send mine back. I would pay some cash for shipping.

    2) Send my phone and wait a few weeks while they repair it.

    Instead I tried calling T-Mobile, since I bought mine in a TMo store. Much better service (and the person wasn't in India!) No out-of-pocket shipping necessary...and when I complained that I didn't want a refurbished the CSR made a note of it for me and said he'll see what he can do.

    In less than a week, they sent me (what seems like-- I can't tell) a new Treo 600, and I just put my damaged one into their box and mailed it back. No cash outlay, no headache, no major wait and no hassles.
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    Just a word of caution about T-Mobile - if you haven't already shipped your old one back, it might be wise to spend a few extra bucks and get a receipt when you drop it in the mail, along with insurance.

    I've had a personal experience (and have heard from others with similar experiences) where I dropped off my old unit into the mail, in the box they provided. They never received it - and, I had no proof that I mailed it. If this happens, they will charge you for the replacement unless you can produce proof that you mailed the old one back.
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    Yeah, agree with the above. Verizon gave me no hassle at all when my radio chip failed, and they replaced it with a new one (not refurbished) in 2 days... only because I was calling late at night. They actually apologized to me because it wasn't overnight.

    I would definitely get proof of mailing before sending the old one back. I think Verizon did it UPS so I automatically got a confirmation number.

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