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    I'm looking for an app / utility that will pop up a callerid window (via bluetooth) on my XP laptop when someone calls my 650. Anyone using, or know of, such a program? Thanks,

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    That would be slick. I would like that too.
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    I know that such an app exists for the Mac on OSX. It would seem logical, then that it could be written for the PC side of the house too.

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    actually, it's built into the OS on Mac. Mac OS X address book does this.. and you can send SMS messages and Dial your phone directly from the OS address book. too!
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    Presumably, you can also use the microphone of you computer and speak with the other party as well. Thus, phone can stay somewhere else (eg charging cradle, night table, etc.) and you can make calls from your desktop, laptop...

    Now that's slick!

    Update: I think Bluephone also has this ability, but, sadly, I was not able to pair it and my 650 (when I had it).
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    I can't find a link for Bluephone, but here's the Mac OSX app that sparked my desire for a similar PC based solution.
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    Great idea, I'd love to see this too!
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    Anyone come across anything like this for the PC?
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    MobilEdit maybe?

    First link's review states:
    "Receiving phone calls is also quite easy with this program. Like the SMS feature, when an incoming call arrives, it's announced on your computer's screen with a popup. You then have the option to answer this call, or simply terminate it with a busy signal (which in most cases will transfer the call to your voice mail, depending on operator's configuration)."

    It may be for GSM only though... I dont have a bluetooth enabled PC to try this out though. Any takers?

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    Yeah, I came across mobileedit too the other nite while I was searching.. Didn't see any 650 listed on their supported form list (, but I put in a "request" for it.

    Also found another interesting program that somehow locks and unlocks your windows computer based on your proximity to it with your bluetooth phone. Sounded pretty neat, but may not work too well with a bluetooth receiver that can detect the phone from 300' away

    Didn't try either program yet..
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    I have been trying to use a program called PhoneControl (

    Im having problems getting it to work with the 650. Maybe you guys can download it and see if you can get it to work. Ive used it with a Ericsson T616 and its awesome - caller id, phonebook, making/receiving calls, and handsfree.
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    any luck with mobiledit? I'm intrigued...
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