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    Has anyone used either of these 2 programs?
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    I use both. The 'sandbox' function on install is an excellent feature. Cleanup also works well.
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    I was getting resets on my treo 650 whenever I tried to exit from sandbox mode (while doing a trial of Uninstall Manager) and so decided not to keep the product. This was about a month ago.

    I haven't seen anyone else complain about that here. Am I alone in that complaint?

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    Chickenhawk, I am getting resets not too, but they did not start to happen until long after I had installed UImgr. I am now getting resets after every Hotsync and believe the culprit was Butler. Until I installed that I had no problems. I am still getting resets though even after deleting Butler so I am stumped.
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    Hmm, well I've never used Butler so probably we don't share the same issue.

    I don't do an awful lot of software trials so I'm not too concerned, but if it was fairly bulletproof I'd keep Uninstall Manager just to make sure I got any trialed software fully removed.

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    Uninstall Manager runs in the background, with the potential to cause conflicts and slow down your palm. I recommend InWatch, which is more straightforward and only runs before a HotSync and when you tell it to do a compare.

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