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    Is there one available to give my visor the look of the mac desktop?
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    Yeah, it's out there. My friend had it for awhile. Couldn't tell ya what it's called, but it does exist.
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    There is one called "Home", available at

    A related item is "PalmTheme", that adds desktop themes to your Visor.
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    thanks for the tip on home!

    i've been using handscape for months, which is mac like (trashcan, stickies, etc.) but home is just so much cooler being entirely customizable. my question is, do you (or anyone for that matter) know of a da to delete apps - one to which i could assign a button on home...

    for those of you who haven't tried it, by the way, i seriously reccommend it. you create all your own buttons which you then assign a function - launching an app, or showing a list of apps, etc. you can set up as many "scenes" as you like each with their own buttons: essentially creating tabs, but you decide where everything lies on the page, both geographically and in regards to related apps, or whatever... aesthetics is all!

    plus its a da launcher (i just discovered da's yesterday, and wow are they ever cool - hack like programs without the hack part.

    anyway i love this program, and i thank you for pointing me in its direction.

    i like bananas.

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