I'm a bit stumped with a problem I'm having using the Treo 650 as a modem via pdaNet on a laptop with a built in Billionton Bluetooth adapter running the manufacturers drivers.

After installing pdaNet and configuring I can initially connect but the connection drops after 2-5 min and doesn't seem to be activity or amount of data transferred specific. Upon subsequent reconnect attempts I get a state=7 or state=2 error and then finally a message that the pdaNet modem is not properly installed on the laptop. Only uninstalling and reinstalling the pdaNet software resolves this issue.

I've previously used SE T68i, T610, P800 and P900 phones as modems with this laptop without any difficulty. As an example I was able to download a rather huge game patch at a LAN party several weeks ago via the T610 successfully.

I can also replicate this problem with the USB cable.

I'm kind of at wits end. If anyone knows of any specific software which hoses pdaNet or has any thoughts on resolving the issue please post or PM.