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    I left my hours old Cingular 650 on my desk last night, with an 80% charge and 4 signal bars - it was not plugged into anything. This morning I went to get the phone and it was dead. Plugged it in, and it recovered all my apps but the battery was at 0%! Needless to say I was a little disappointed. My Sprint 600 would last at least 24 hours, and my Cingular 600 would go at least 2 days. Am I to believe that my brand new 650 can't go an entire day on a single charge?

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    Lithium Ion batteries really like being topped off. As you keep using it and charging it to 100%, it will last longer and longer and longer.

    I wouldn't worry yet.

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    By any chance do you use Chatter with full push enabled? Even with this enabled I still can go at least 16 to 20 hours if the phone isn't being used otherwise, but I know that push can deplete the battery faster than a lot of other usages. Barring that, is there a possibility that some process might have been turning the screen continuously?
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    Yes, I use Chatter with Idle. But I also have all my folders go to sleep from 12:00 to 7:00 in the morning - so I don't think that's the problem. I didn't have any processes that turned my 600's screen on, so I don't think that there should be any apps that are turning my 650's screen on.

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    I got my 650 just before xmas and simply turned the phone portion of my 600 off. Seven (7) weeks later of not using the 600 and today the battery says 72%.

    Not bad for a one year phone.

    I normally put phone on charge every nite.
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    BT seems to eat power on my new Cingular T650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jposin
    BT seems to eat power on my new Cingular T650.
    That would not be surprising. BT on my v600 drains the battery drastically.

    I'm just ready for my 650 to get here
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    Using BT seems to eat power, but just leaving it on doesn't seem to chew through too much. If I leave my Sprint 650 overnight with both the phone & BT turned on, I'll only lose 2-3% of the battery.
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    Yeah, I'm thinking that the likely culprit was Bluetooth... I'm thinking that apps like TreoHelper, RadioControl, etc. should be modded to turn Bluetooth on and off. It would be great if I could have bluetooth enabled whenever the phone was in the cradle. And then again say between 7:00 - 8:00am and 5:30-6:30pm (for my headset, while I commute). I'm thinking there's a coding opportunity here for someone!

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    Also be sure that gprs is disconnected...
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    I heard that the last 10% of a charge is hard on the lithium ion battery (from 90% to 100%). It also doesn't like deep cycling (discharging down to 0% for example).

    I usually just charge mine every day and don't worry about it much...sometimes it's down to only 60% or 70% at the end of the day. Sometimes down to 0% and I have to quickly plug it in in the middle of a conversation!!!! (although this doesn't happen too often...probably only once a month)

    My battery seems to healthy. And I've had my Treo 650 ever since the first ones came out.

    I still can't figure out what causes faster battery drain. Sometimes, with bluetooth on, the phone does not drain that fast (lose 1% after 3 hours)...other times, it will drain faster than normal.

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