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    Is there a way to remove or hide the "all" tab, or move it to a position besides the first? I've never found it useful and would like to categorize my icons. Thanks

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    Try Launch 'Em from I used Handscapre for a while, but I like Launch 'Em better. The screen looks a little nicer, and it gives you a little more control over your categories.
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    I have been using handscape for a couple of weeks and like it. I had the same problem as you and stumbled on the answer to moving tabs.

    On your menu bar, you should see a tab that
    has three dots (...) hit this tab and it will bring you to the EDIT FOLDERS screen.

    From here, you can move the tabs around any way you want or delete them, rename them, etc.

    If you need more help, e-mail me.

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