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    I just got my cingular GSM 650 on Monday, and pocket tunes was the first app i put on it. But i have noticed that anytime i stream radio through shoutcast it has to rebuffer literally ever 3-4 seconds. I can't listen to radio like this! I have Full bars and a great data connection (~100kbps). I live in NYC and get better reception on this phone than i did with my Verizon phone.

    Anyone have a clue about settings i may have missed or something that would make shoutcast stream smoother? Any help would be Greatly appreciated!
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    The stations really need to be under 64kbps. 24-48 is optimal. On the Treo, go to Treobits and try one of the low-bitrate Shoutcast stations linked there:
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    i did not know that - thanks!!
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    It all comes down to the data transfer speed of your connection. So, that's why you have to listen to lower bitrate stations.
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    I've successfully listened to 128kbit streams on my Sprint 650. Surprisingly it only re-buffered maybe 3 or 4 times in the 10 minutes I was listening.. 96k streams run perfectly.
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    How are y'all listening! Which port is required to be open.
    Treo 600/PTunes Deluxe 3.0.5/T-Mobile $4.99 thruZones proxy/shoutcast stream from treoBits. It just hangs with ''Connecting'. Am I missing something?
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    There are many on port 80, but most are on non-standard ports

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