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    good morning, i'm new to treo's and this forum. i need to add additional digits to contacts for voicemail, bank accounts, etc. to make a 1 touch button for these #'s. how is this done?
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    Using favorites, not the regular contact list. Search around or RTFM
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    Click the "More" button when creating your favorite. This is where "extra digits" go
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    it worked! thanks. i have one unit (600) that will not allow me to edit the 1st favorite. it's called voicemail and has a # associated with it but when i clic the menu button, then edit it does not come up underlined like the other and will not allow me to edit it. how can "blow away" this entry?
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    Dont you want to be able to get your voicemail? If you nuke that, holding down the "1" key to get VM wont work. You should be able to move it over to another favorites tab though if you dont wanna see it.
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    i do want access to v-mail. however the # that appears to be "hard" programmed into that favorite slot is not the right #. we ported over existing cell #'s to these Treo's. i'd like to edit it or remove it but i cannot for some reason. how do you move it?
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    Hmm dunno, poke around the board a bit with the search.. Think I saw a thread on this not too long ago

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