Here is how you force a hardware failure:

1. Browse the web for a long time, using the radio intensely. Reading treocentral over and over again will do it.

2. When your battery is about empty, plug in the charger.

3. Keep browsing or do something else intensive, such as watch a movie with Kinoma.

4. Watch for sparks to fly!

It doesn't spark, but I've forced the screen dimming issue, and last night I forced a shut-down. Yay, there's a protect circuit in there!

Here's what I think is happening... using the radio continuously with the display on will generate a certain amount of heat. Charging the battery will also create a certain amount of heat. Since our favorite little device is sealed up tight, there's nowhere for it to go, so the device protects itself from melting down.

My solution will be to change my behavior some (you guys aren't all THAT interesting anyways) and get a larger capacity battery from treotiger when it becomes available.

My 650 is a Sprint model, by the way.