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    I have 3000+ messages in my yahoo account, I have setup versamail to only download the last 3 days and only new messsages out of those. It keeps trying to download all 3000 then fails when it first starts saying that the "get mail options" are configured to only get mail from the past 3 days.

    How do I force this thing to download the last 3 days w/o trying to download all messages ??
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    The problem may be related to how POP mail works. There is no way for any mail client to determine from a pop server when a message arrived until it reads the message header.

    My guess is that it has to read all 3000+ headers to get only the ones from the last three days and THEN it can start using a POP command to limit the next download.

    You may want to try and populate the account through the desktop using the VersaMail conduit first then do the update sync's from the handheld. THe only other thing you can do if that is not an option is go to Yahoo! and manage your Inbox to some reasonable number of messages.
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    where do you get the versamail (3.0) conduit ?? can't seem to find it.
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    I have paid for the YahooMailPlus account and have setup the servers and checked them 3 and 4 times and still cannot recieve or send email on the Treo using Versamail through my yahoo acct.

    tidbit= I went with yahoo after my Cable RoadRunner account would only let me recieve and send.

    help if anybody has any ideas. I emailed Yahoo also..
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    softreset and then hotsync and presto i have access to yahoo mail on my Treo.

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