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    How do you recharge the headset? Can you do it through a USB cable? Does it use the same connection as SE phones (which I believe is the same as the older SE Bluetooth headsets)?
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    Mine came with an a/c adapter. I do not have a usb adapter.
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    Mine came with an AC adapter and a car charger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Mine came with an AC adapter and a car charger.
    Same here!!!!
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    Yeah, what they said! :-)
    Device -> 700p
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    I bought mine fron Dan's $73.99 plus shipping. I got a A/C charger and a car charger for the sony. While i was at it i bought 2 OEM car chargers for my 650 also. What a great deal and ebayer Dan's is. I got it in 3 days after payment!!!

    I did notice the mute button trick. It raises the volume. Not a headset problem its the treo. Also very nice range. I had my phone in the car while pumping gas. The headset worked all the way into the gas station. Im very happy with this headset.
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    Does the 660 come with the cradle charging thingie like the 300 does?
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    No, the 660 does not come with a 'cradle charging thingie'. The AC and car charger cables pulg into the headset directly.

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