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    I was looking for a financial app that didn't require a desktop client and found the excellent Ultrasoft Checkbook.

    The issue I have run into is after messing with it for about five weeks, I noticed I couldn't send files over bluetooth to my Powerbook anymore. Everytime I would hit "send" the Palm would reset itself.

    After many resets, soft and hard, I found out that it was the Checkbook program. I would do a hard reset and I got the apps back but my database for Checkbook was apparently too "old". I know, it doesn't make sense to me either.

    Has anyone even used Ultrasoft Checkbook? I did a search on here with no help. Hit their own web site and found no real help either. Anyone??
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    I have used Ultrasoft checkbook, but ran into some problems with syncing it with my desktop. I think the version I had was to old since my version of Microsoft Money was 2004. I am using SplashMoney and use it as a stand alone checkbook app.
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    Thanks for the reply! I really enjoy this Checkbook app but I think I'll have to check out SplashMoney as Checkbook is just failing for me now. And BackupBuddy won't "recover" the db's from Checkbook (then, after the mandatory reset, just keeps resetting itself!) ARG.

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