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    I wanted to get a skin case and wanted to know which was better:
    The Boxwave FlexiSkin
    TC S650 Skin Case

    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650
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    I have S650 - someone else posted this comment before I bought mine, but it really does improve the naviation buttons as well as having a better grip. When I do take it off, I am astounded at how slippery and difficult it is to use those main buttons & 5-way navigation button.
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    No one else has purchased either of these and has an opinion to share?
    Apple iPhone 8GB
    Apple 15" Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz C2D
    Retired Treo 650
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    I can only tell you about the BoxWave FlexiSkin. These are my thoughts.
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    I just received the S650 Skin case (Carbon Black) from the Treo store. Great fit and for a pocket keeper, the skin type cases are perfect for me. Good feel, and button are just as easy to use.

    Though, because I want to get it just perfect I have ordered the Smoke Black from Boxware. I was told they have a version without the belt clip attachment and Smoke Black is the color I was looking for. I should be getting it early next week. If it is everything that I hope it is... my search for a case will be over.
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    has anyone seen the 'off white' color of the S650 skin case up close? how 'off white' is it? I would consider it if it's a luminous/cold white like an iPod, but not 'cream' or 'antique white' or whatever.
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    After several inquiries to Boxwave and the TC store, I determined that the TC case is a copy of the Boxwave Case. Only difference at the time was that Boxwave offered the belt clip and has more colors. Not needing a belt clip, I ordered the TC case and it's great.
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    will either of these cases allow you to use the palm on the cradle while still in the case? I abandonded cases for my ipod because I had to constantly re-arrange or remove the case to mount the ipod on the dock. I do not wish to do this for the palm, leave it in the case and never look back. Is this possible or no?
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    I'm using the TC S650 case... I like the case, but it will not fit in the cradle.
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    I just got the Boxwave case and love it. It is a perfect fit and doesn't impede any of the nav buttons use. The only minor problem is that the buttons on the side of the keyboard are right up against the edge of the skin and this makes using them a little different (not really difficult).

    My only gripe with the FlexiSkin is that it does not lend itself to fitting easily into my will fit but if you need it in a hurry it's not gonna happen (I'm sure this problem would be exactly the same with the TC case).
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