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    1) I set up Active Sync (Versamail, 650 obviously) and calendar entries created or updated on the T650 didn't get back to exchange. Entries went the other way okay. Any known solutions?

    2) How do I shut off Active Sync once i've got it turned on? I tried deleting the Active Sync account from the T650 (which deleted all my calendar info), but it didn't go back to synching with my local Outlook client.

    I tried searching here & found similar issues but no resolutions; I even tried RTFM but didn't find any solutions - it referenced deleting the Active Sync account but that obviously didn't solve my problemo...
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    To get the sync with OUtlook working again you have to go to the HotSync manager (icon in the system tray, click, select Custom then change Calendar to syncrhonize) and enable the Calendar again.

    Don't know about the first question.
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    Thanks! Actually after trying to kill Active Sync and resetting it, my calendar is going both ways again. Combine the 650 hires screen and the small fonts, and it's pretty darn usable!

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