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    I have a stuck P key and need to replace my unit. What's the best way to make sure I get all my appointments, todos, contacts, etc back into the new unit?
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    Hey rriehl,

    I find Hotsync to not only be slow as molasses, but also pretty damn buggy (contacts and calendar were constantly off). After some looking around I downloaded a trial version of BackUpBuddyVFS which does a complete backup *and restore* from your SD card. I backed up my Treo and did a hard reset after flashing one of Shadowmite's ROMs and I have to say the BUBVFS was awesome. Everything, from contacts to apps to memos restored perfectly. Great program which I really recommend.

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    I use BackupMan. It works ok too. But here is something I would suggest you do with *any* backup program. Make a manual copy of the file "Calendar-Pdat.pdb". I have restored my system from backup about 20 times now (mostly because of development activities) and this is the file that nearly always has a problem being restored. The copy I have on SD card from a manual copy always restores. This file BTW holds all of your calendar information.

    The other pointer is to make sure you shutdown your phone radio before making the backup.


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