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    So my sister's free trial expired recently and she started getting emails with no contents. I told her repeatedly to get a license, but she put it off and went over. Anyway, she went and got the license, input it, and she is now registered. However, the blank emails persist.

    I had been under the impression that once the license was entered these emails would be visible, and that the blank emails were a way of preventing users from using chatter while also maintaining the email repository. However, it seems that the Chatter version of these emails have the contents deleted?

    This more or less sucks. The problem is that barring having my sister, who is a computer novice, purge her current emails and resynch she has to suck up having blank versions of live emails persist on her Treo.

    For anyone else that encounters this I'd like to request and suggest a different approach to expired licenses... namely don't let the program open, or at the very least disable the synching capability so that no further emails are received or sent from Chatter. When the user opens chatter just pop a message that says WHY it doesn't work, such as:

    "Your current Free Trial of ChatterEmail has expired."
    "You cannot continue using this program until you buy a license."
    "Please go to and follow the
    instructions provided to get a valid license"

    Very simple, very easy, and this makes the most sense in terms of program behavior. My sister actually thought her Treo was corrupt or broken since it was receiving email with no content... I mean other than the startup message, which comes and goes quickly, what is there to indidcate a tiue between the blank emails and the expired license? Absolutely NOTHING. Many programs expire and then just force a starting delay to make further use "inconvenient".

    Anyway, the current approach sucks, plain and simple. I have no problem paying and I appreciate good work, but I think having any state that can be misidentified as a software or hardware problem is both impractical and annoying.

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    Well, this behavior wasn't really intended; all that's necessaryto correct it is to use the "reload" command in the Console (this reloads all messages in the Mailbox).

    Sorry about the confusing behavior.

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    Either my previous suggestion or that you have a forced reload follow input of a valid license. Or you could make a rule to govern this... just add a reload command at the end of the sequence called when the license is "validated".

    I mean either that, or find some intuitive way to communicate the association between blank emails and an expired license. Technically adept people will figure out there is a tie given time, but most users won't realize that receiving blank emails is "the developers clever way" of pointing out you need to get a license.

    BTW, I do like the program and I recommend it to the folks in my office with Treos (which is just about everyone), I just find stuff like this mind-bogglingly irritating. BTW, pre-congratulations on having ChatterEmail bought by Palm to incorporate as the Treo's standard email app.

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    Hey, Rick. The standard email comment is pretty funny; I can't even get PalmOne to acknowledge my existence or provide a tiny amount of tech support!

    As I said, the behavior isn't intended; I haven't looked at it in six months or more.


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