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    Can I print photos that are on my Treo 650 using Printboy and the Infrared on the treo 650? If so...How? I can't find the print command when I bring up the photo on the Treo. Or if someone knows of a easier way... I would appreciate the help!

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    I don't know about printing directly from the Treo 650, but here is a better way. If you have a WAL-MART or other store that offers printing from digital media, just have the camera ap save to the SD card and take it into the store and have it printed. It's cheaper than printing at home. I did that today at a Fred Meyer store. Had the pic in 15 minutes. I was suprised at the quality printed on 4x6 stock.
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    I went to Kinkos and popped my FREE 128mb card in the machine and it didn't read the media ;(

    But I have photo printers so its not such a big deal... would be cool to print photos/files via infrared/bluetooth though
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