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    been using chatter / fastmail for quite a while now but never really looked at some features that fastmail offers till recently. I am starting to forward all of my mail to my fastmail account in order to retrieve everything in real-time with chatter.

    now fastmail offers different "personalities" to make your fastmail look like it is coming from the original domain of a message received. I haven't messed with it all that much but I would think it would only apply to messages sent via the web interface. is there any way to set-up chatter email to recognize incoming mail based on the "to" address and automatically reply using a different smtp profile?

    I recently got / forwarded a gmail account and will soon be forwarding my work's email to fastmail as well. it would be really slick if chatter can handle all of the smtp decisions based on the information in the email's header. right now I have mail from other accounts filtered into corresponding fastmail folders. I'd like to just be able to hit "reply" and let chatter do the rest, is this possible?
    -- berto
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    That's actually a pretty good idea. Maybe chatter could automatically match the outgoing address to the account it was originally sent to.
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    exactly. I have all of my smtp servers set-up now and it does work manually. it's actually very easy to choose a different profile before sending, but it would be cool if chatter could "pick" the right one for you but maybe still give you the profile dropdown in case you want to use another one for whatever reason. it's easy now, but the more mail / accounts that get stuffed into my fastmail account, automating it would streamline going through & replying to a bunch of mail imo. since a lot of ppl seem to use fastmail / fusemail etc to aggregate multiple accounts it would be a handy feature...
    -- berto
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    Hi, Berto. That's on my list...

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    I was going to ask about this as well and I'm glad to hear it's in the works.

    Bertopl, if you use the "personality" to make fastmail see to be coming from the original domain that is forwarding mail, do you know if this process will automatically make the "reply to" process automated... ie; if I have yahoo forward to fastmail, Chatter downloads from fastmail, hitting reply in Chatter replies to yahoo address because that is all that is seen in the header? Do I understand how the "personality" feature is supposed to work?
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    well, I'm using chatter's existing features to get around this for the time being. I just set up separate folders on fastmail and in chatter for sprintpcs mail, gmail, etc with the corresponding smtp settings WITHIN that folder, NOT the "new smtp profile only" command. I then have fastmail filter mail from a particular service into its proper folder. chatter will then reply using that folders smtp data making it look to the recipient that it came from the domain they addressed the mail to, works great!!

    the reason I still want the feature I asked for though is that I'd like to eventually filter into only my inbox for personal emails whether it is to fastmail, gmail, or whatever, and filter work emails into a work email folder. this will require a lot less folders for chatter to monitor than setting one up for each email account. in this scenario (if chatter had that feature,) I wouldn't even have to bother to look at where an email was sent from. chatter would automatically associate the reply with an independent smtp profile based on the "to" address, whether the mail came into my inbox or work mail folder. thank you for considering this feature marc!!
    -- berto
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    I'm also very glad to hear it's on Marc's list...this will be a great feature for Chatter Email.

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