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    I've had my visor for about three months and have had three hard resets, once during a Hotsync, once when using Datebook+ (having just installed HandyShopper) and once when using HandyShopper. I haven't reinstalled HandyShopper since the two crashes I suspect were related to it. I'm just curious to see if other people feel there's any issue with HandyShopper (gave a Fatal Exception error but one without a number). I would really like to reinstall it but hate having to reinstall everything. Anyone else having trouble with it?
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    Not sure which version of HandyShopper you are/were trying to use, but I am using HandyShopper 2.0 Beta (Build 1609I) without any problems. My wife is using 1.7 also without any problems.

    Your probably could also be a disconnect between HS and one or more Hackmaster hacks (if you have them installed.)

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    Keep in mind that if you are running a beta version that, well, it IS a beta version!

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    I've been using the beta without incident since it came out. As they point out in the "read me," it is beta, but it's a VERY stable beta.

    I have found that it's possible to have inconsistencies in the way programs work on different Visors, but in this case, I've loaded it onto four different units, all without incident.
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    I had a lot of problems with fatal errors with the early 2.0 beta release, but the more recent one has been rock solid.
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    I've never had any problems running HandyShopper. (maybe a Hack is causing the problem???)
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    I don't have any Hacks installed, but I'm not sure which version I was running. I'll think about giving it another go with a later version if one is about.
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    Anna: I had the same problem with V 1.98, yesterday downloaded from PalmGear V 2.0 and works nice.


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