View Poll Results: What one is your primary email application on your Treo 650?

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  • Versa Mail

    19 28.79%
  • Snapper Mail

    27 40.91%
  • Chatter Email

    13 19.70%
  • Xpress Mail

    4 6.06%
  • Intellisync

    0 0%
  • Agendus Mail

    2 3.03%
  • Other

    1 1.52%
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    As simple as that..what email program do you use....
    And if you use two or more pick the one that is your primary one or the one that you simply couldn't live without
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    I have tried, snapper(used mostly on my 600), xpress mail, chatter, and versamail. xpress is the most stable, but limited in attachment support. versamail was easiest to set up with my exchange server, but unstable. Chatter was the best, with IMAP and push. Can save emails to all my folders on my server, full attachment support 100x faster than snapper. Works in the background and is always being improved upon. I have used it for two days and it is the best. However, really the best email program comes with the sx66. I had one for 29 days before the 650. With active sync you can send and reply to meeting notices, undate your calenar, record and send voice emails, spell check, NEVER crashed, with full attachement support that comes standard on the pocket pc. But, it is a tradeoff between the brick and 25% keyboard use, or the wonderful interface of the treo with almost 100% keyboard use. But, the guy with chatter seems to be really doing a fine job listening and bring a truely customer driven product to the users, unlike the folks at Palmone.
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    Versa mail for work
    Snapper for personnal stuff

    Snapper (Priemer) also has the ability to work off of the SD which is cool.

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    Snapper, works well out of my SD card. VersaMail from time to time. Tried the new Chattermail, but it kept draining my battery, slowed everything down, and a few re-sets.
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    Chatter is great only if you need a REAL push email. I use it for work email and it is fantastic....does glitch every once and a while but well worth it. For the home email I use Agendus email as I bought it so I may as well use it . It is fine.
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