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    Neat new program that will allow you to beam info to Palm or WinCE or EPOC ...AND the interesting thing....They don't have to have any special software installed!!!(unlike some other product which i can't remember that recently came out)

    It'll allow you to receive data aswell...

    I don't know anybody nearby with a WinCE or EPOC i can't test it right now....can somebody find out how well this works?
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    Can't really comment on the link that you gave, as it doesn't point to a program anymore. The other program that you referred to is probably SyncTalk, made by Sodedog (or something like that). I haven't used it personally, but know people who have and liked it.

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    that's odd...i can get to it using links at Handango.

    Try this...

    it'll be the second title listed: BeamWorks 0.9

    sorry for the bad link.

    or you can go to the company's site, but they require that you enter information to download a copy...handango doesn't.

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