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    Found an odd but workable way to get email syncing again after having been dead for hours.. (and having tried multiple other methods). go to the palm info screen | delete function and remove just the main Goodlink app, remove the SD card, reset the device, put the card back in and restore Goodlink from the card (just follow the prompts).

    this does not have to redownload the services and seems to be very quick. My 650 was back to syncing email (and the rest of GL) within 3 minutes..

    not elegant but definitely workable.

    (sent from my 650, so please forgive typos )
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    Hi Goodguy. I use Goodlink in my Treo 600 and it works beautifully. I just received my new Treo 650 (Unlocked GSM). What do I need to do to transfer my Goodlink software to the treo 650? I could not find any upgrade instructions in the Good website. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Juancho...You need version 3.8 for the 650. Have your IT folks get it and provision your phone.
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    If Juancho is already setup as a Goodlink user in Exchange from previous use.. couldn't he pull down the Good desktop installer from and simply provision it himself? I thought you could do that with the desktop installer if you already exist as a GL user?

    To do it right though I think you have to be connected to the exchange server with your normal profile loaded (i.e. over your VPN connection or in the office)..

    GG, do you know if using Outlook | Exchange in 'Cached' mode has any effect? good or bad?.. I suppose it shouldn't matter as long as your exchange server can be contacted by the Good installer..
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    Thanks for your dedication to the Treo user base!

    At our firm, we have a few hundred GL users on RIM and Treo devices. One area we are constantly bugged about is the non ability to view public calendars. Support for pubilc contacts are there, but not for the calendars, even in 4.0. Our sales force uses public calendars to assign availabilty to roving reps in large geographical areas, and this would be quite useful, and an additional selling point to our VP's.

    Please pass this request on to the development group.

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    Public calendars are not available in any version of GL, for Treo or BB device. That request has been sent many times, but I figure the more they (development) hear it, the more they will realize the demand is there, in spades.
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    By moving to a 650, he doesn't already have a version of GoodLink installed, so it is a fresh provisioning since there is a new ESN number associated with the phone. Unless they are running 4.0, the device will have to be cradled and provisioned.
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    GG -

    One note: Some of the stability issues on Cingular may be related to the Gemplus 64K SIM issues mentioned elsewhere on the discussion boards. (A search will find.)

    One Question: I currently have the 650 w/GoodLink 3.8 installed and working. (Today, by the way, its working perfectly for the first time since I installed on the 14th--no connectivity issues--strange.) Do I need to have IT at my company install 4.0, or can I simply download it and sych?

    Thank you for all your help.
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    Your IT department needs update the server install then your devices. Sorry, but you gotta get them involved.
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    You all might want to check
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    Lazlo, cool, thx for the notice! I probably wouldn't have checked for weeks since I didn't think it would be out for awhile yet.

    GoodGuy, so are you saying that I can't download the 4.0 desktop installer for Goodlink and upgrade my 650 on my own? I thought once your device was registered and active that you could reprovision it on the fly, either from the SD backup or from the Desktop installer?.. let me know, on the road for the next couple of days and would love to be able to do it on my own while traveling.. hate to wait

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    Yes, you can reprovision over the air, however, your GoodLink server needs to be on 4.0 in order to support devices on 4.0. As soon as your server is up to 4.0, you will be able to get the stub and download 4.0 wirelessly
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    this is odd then, I am positive our IT group has not upgraded the server to 4,0 however myself, one of my consultants and my boss all upgraded our Treos this eve to 4.0 with the desktop installer while on the road, me in MN, one in DC and one in NYC.. all went flawlessly, syncing email just beautifully says its running on the handheld now..

    I like the nicer hi-res with GL on the 650 now.. very nice!
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    Hmmm...interesting..I will check, as I could be mistaken.

    Anyway, I am glad it went so well and you are happy with it!

    EDIT: I know. If your organization has not yet upgraded to 4.0, you can still upgrade your client via the desktop install and access a 3.7 server, though your organization will not be able to utilize OTA, Global Connect and third-party app push until they upgrade the server. I just want to make sure people know that the desktop installer is NOT required to go to 4.0, that it can be done OTA provided the GoodLink Server has been upgraded to 4.0.
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    GG - I'm the CTO for my company - we are running a pretty old version of the Good Server, but I put on my new Treo 650 - so far it's working. My guys want to know if they can upgrade the server to 4.0 even though we have many devices running older versions of Good. In other words can I have a 3.5 client with a 4.0 server? If so they can update the server ASAP. Thanks.

    - DJS
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    Absolutely, 100% forward and backward compatible with existing client versions. The beauty of 4.0 is that you can update the server, then, whenever you are ready, simply send out the 4.0 upgrade to the clients over the air. Pretty cool, huh?
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    Wow, that is really cool that OTA stuff, what a dream for the IT folks, now if only you guys could make laptop updates that easy.. you'd be ruling the world One of my consultants had an interesting way to update his treo, instead of running the desktop installer to take it to 4.0 he simply took the .prc and .pdb files from the 4.0 install folder for the Treo and synced them to the treo with the palm installer tool, it reset after the sync and was up and running within seconds.. guess he likes to live dangerously with his handheld.. but hey, it worked and was quick
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    So does good have a beta program that I could sign up for. I am a computer engineering student and am running exchange 2003 for one of my classes. I have 4 other students on the server with me.
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    Unfortunately, our beta program is not open in that other words, free. I am looking to see how we might be able to work about getting an educational discount, though. Will let you know.
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    ok right now we have 3 people with treos. The class is called computer systems, we work with windows 2003 server, exchange 2003, and linux stuff. The teacher thinks linux is far more superior to windows, I am sure he will be very impressed when he sees good in action though.

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