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    Can we get back to GoodLink features/bugs/enhancements now and leave the competition to the marketplace and the marketing droids?

    I don't have any vested interest other than keeping this thread open.
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    Actually, I do have a vested interest. I appreciate GoodGuy taking the time to answer posts and feed enhancements back to R&D so the product I use now will get even better. I'd like to see that continue because it's rare to get quality support for most products (in my experience anyway).
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    Oh, boy, this is gonna be fun

    you're an *****. yes, you have to connect to upgrade the operating system but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CRADLE WHEN THE BES IS UPGRADED. When I upgraded to version of 3 of a GL server, none of the damn devices worked - had to cradle!!!! My BB users continue to work - just obviously without 4.0 features. But I can upgrade them whenever they feel like cradling next.
    I am an ***** when you yourself said there was no cradling required, then you say there is. Which is it? You spout OTA, then turn around and say to support OTA, you have to cradle, which is EXACTLY what I said. Your previous quote:


    As for GoodLink...version 3? I am not asking for you to come to 2005, but 2004 would be a nice start. No cradle for upgrades, no cradle for provisioning, no cradling at all to upgrade ANY version of GoodLink running on the device.

    GL only has OTA upgrades because it's just another application on the device. To upgrade device software/Os, of course they will have to cradle.
    Yup. Again, thanks for making my point. OS and application are separate, just like EVERY other computer out there. Except Blackberry.

    I'm not presuming. You are either misinformed, or lying. A cradle is required to synch initially. either it's done by the admin at the server (requires sending device into IT) or it's done at the desktop. From then on, yes, all wireless (unless something goes wrong and needs to be re-provisioned.
    To sync with Outlook, to provision, reprovision or upgrade a device, to install the GoodLink Client, NO CRADLE IS EVER REQUIRED and no desktop install is required. If you like, I can set up a demo, online and show you or I can refer you to several of my customers that will back this up.

    yes, PRIOR to 4.0 - which has been out for a year now. cradling is old news dude.
    BES 4.0 was announced last Fall, far from over a year, and just started shipping in Jan of this year. Cradling, for the majority of BB installations is FAR from old news.
    another false statement. BlackBerry 4.0 comes with free support (although it's only for 6 months, 9-5 m-f which sucks but when I do call, I get through. RIM has more tech support staff then GTI has employees.

    I like the idea that my carriers support BlackBerry. I buy from them so I want to hold them to the fire when I need help. and I feel "good" that they think enough of BlackBerry to put skin in the game and support it
    Hmm..according to RIM's page, support for BES 4.0 server, for 6 months, 8x5 is $499 and $19.00 a device. Sweet deal you have. Ask any carrier rep if they enjoy supporting Blackberry and see what they say. RIM forces the carriers to provide the support. You want to hold the carrier to the fire for support on a product they don't develop? So when the televsion you bought from Best Buy craps out, you go to the store for support? Think about how ridiculous that sounds. That is exactly what you are saying for carriers supporting Blackberry.

    Nope. All 3rd party apps can be pushed to a BB from the BES. This cannot be done on GL.
    Can you please be wrong some more? You make my job so much easier. All third party apps can be pushed OTA with GoodLink.

    Not wrong. yo'ure an ***** again. I said the only BlackBerry device GL runs on are devices that aren't even made anymore
    Once again, I am the ***** when I am quoting your own post:

    - Our charges are $330 per year, with significant discount for two-year subscription. The GoodLink Server is free. The support is included. All upgrades are included. We will buyback Blackberries.

    * GL only works on BlackBerries that aren't even made any more - no one wants them. It's great that you buy them back though. But who doesnt? Nextel will give you 100$ per devices traded in. $330 per year, per user! that's a rediculously high cost. BlackBerry cost from 1k to 5k for the server and you never have to pay for licensing again. There is a cost for support though (which used to be free) but I'm fine with paying for support. You get what you pay for!. There are more people on RIM's helpdesk than the entire Good payroll.
    So, you were implying that we only have a buyback on old Blackberry devices. We buyback ALL Blackberry devices.

    tell me where to get unlimited GL data for 15$ month. I've been paying waaaaay too much

    it must be sad that nearly 3 million people chose to pay the higher cost of BB when GL is soooo inexpensive?
    Sprint data plan, with a voice plan is $15 a month..$10 a month without picture mail. So, yes, you are paying waaaaaay too much. The fact that 3 million people pay the higher cost is due only to the fact that until about a year ago, there was no alternative. Blackberry provided the best email syncronization product on the market. That is no longer the case. We (Good) fight that battle daily. Blackberry has the name, the market recognition and was first to market. No argument there. That is changing rapidly. I can tell you first hand that everyday, when I am talking to prospective customers, more and more have not only heard of GoodLink, they are looking for a solution that will support the newest devices, that isn't a single vendor source. Blackberry is a hardware manufacturer. Over 70% of their revenue is from hardware that is already obsolete and, with the release of new phones, will continue to be so.

    You can keep your 45 lawfirms with minimal seats. BlackBerry is over 85% of AMLAW firms and 70% of AMLAW 200 firms. And this is from the AMLAW survey
    Unlike RIM, we don't announce every single deal. RIM has a huge presence in law firms, true, but you asked for displacement, and I gave it to you. Show me where BB displaced GoodLink. Not you personal experience, because based on what you call fact and truth, I would have a hard time believing something that wasn't verified by a third party. We didn't announce Dell rolling out GoodLink to over 1,100 sales reps. We didn't announce Yahoo rolling out 400 subscriptions. This analogy explains why:

    Bobby Bowden, the football couch at Florida State, after a player scored a touchdown and danced all over the end-zone, jerked the player aside, looked him in the eye and said "Act like you've been there before"

    We expect these deals and don't see a need to publicize them. We have been there before.

    I don't know an exact number but I'm told that RIM has more people on their helpdesk than GTI has total employees. I can't confirm personally of course so I'll just leave it at that
    Yet, like all the other misinformation you are posting, you stated it as fact. I countered with a number and your response is "I'm told". Don't believe everything you hear.

    Sure it's easy to install - if the customer has 1 exchange server and 10 seats. If your'e installing against a domain with 150,000 users in it, nothing is that easy. don't kid yourself.

    Most of my gigs are for Windows and Exchange migrations/upgrades/deployments. I just don't run into many organizations using GL. Definitely out there but in very small numbers
    How many 150,000 user Blackberry deployments are out there? Because if there is one, it is 6% of the entire publicized subscriber total. I am not arguing that you don't run into as many GoodLink installations as Blackberry. Come back in 6 months to a year and tell me how many you run into.

    what devices can i buy and use GL on right now? a blackberry, a treo. what else really? and which one has true push, not sms push?? blackberry. RIM offers more devices than GL - it's a fact. EVERY carrier in north america, and most of the rest of the world
    Treo 600/650, Dell AximX50, iPaq 6300, Samsung i700, Siemens SX66, XDA III (6601 on Sprint, 6600 on Verizon), Symbol MC50. HP, the largest handheld manufacturer in the world, announced their new converged device will ship with GoodLink standard. We have over 25 devices in QA certification right now that will be announced. What devices does Blackberry support? Blackberries. Period. RIM offers more devices? Ohhh, I get it. So the 7730, 7750 and 7780 are different devices, yet the exact same thing, only different carriers. You must be counting the different models of the exact same device. Please tell me the differences between the devices shown here Outside of the 7100, they are all the same. No, wait, The 7XXX has a color screen. By my count, I see 9 devices supported by Blackberry. None with anything close to the resolution of th 650, none with touch screens, none with cameras, none supporting expansion memory cards and one (7100 series) with speakerphone. Yep, cutting edge that plethora of devices. What you are calling a fact is, in reality, far from it. BTW, every carrier in North America (except Nextel's iDen, which will be gone by 2007) supports GoodLink. With Global Connect, we don't need carrier agreements. If your carrier has roaming agreements with an international carrier and they support the device, you can use GoodLink. Blackberry has to have carrier agreements. BTW, GoodLink v4.0 does not utilize SMS at all. Another one in the oops column for you.

    As for other devices supporting Blackberry, BB Connect for Palm was announced last May and is just now in final beta in Europe. You say BB is shipping on devices in Europe and Asia. You must be referring to Blackberry Built-In. British Telecom and T-Mobile International are the only carriers and TMOB just announced support, though it is only on the old MDA II device. They will support other devices eventually. The SK65 from Siemens is the ONLY device support BBBI, and only on BT. Just yesterday, TMOB released the P910i that runs BBC. Wow, that makes two whole devices.

    Customers Using GoodLink.
    Over 4,000 companies are using GoodLink, including over half of the Fortune 500 and roughly 90% of Fortune 50. Every Dell sales rep carries a Treo with GoodLink. UPS, Visa, WalMart, just to name a few. Yes, RIM has the edge (decidedly, actually) on subscribers. But when all these free devices that soccer moms are getting free for booking a flight on Orbitz, churn back, then we will talk.

    Yes, BB supports Notes and Groupwise. I have never denied that fact. That is the one place they exceed the functionality of GoodLink. Believe me, I wish we supported Notes, but that is something I have nothing to do with other than let our development folks know we are losing potential customers without that support. Outside of that, the fact that there are over 23,000 third party applications that run on PalmOS. How many for Blackberry? 500? 1,000?

    Carriers giving away devices.
    Think about that for a second. Why would they give away the devices if people were willing to pay for them? People are willing to pay over $300 for a Treo, yet the carriers (as well as Hertz, Orbitz, United Airlines, and others) insist on giving away Blackberries. Then you say we give away our software for free when in your previous post you hammer Good for high price point. Which is it?

    The fact that you "like" a single source vendor for OS, Application and hardware.
    Good for you. I am sure when Apple had 50% of the PC market and Wang was going to be the next IBM, they had fans as well. Where are they now? A propietary hardware and software solution has NEVER succeeded. Sure, hot for awhile, but when you separate the wheat from the chaff, industry standards will always prevail.

    Now, since I have countered every one of your points with verifiable facts, I suggest you do one of two things:

    1) Learn about how GoodLink works before you post lies, misinformation and falsehoods about a product about which it is obvious you no absolutely nothing about, or 2) Go spout your lies on a Blackberry forum where they will hail you as a hero because they are drinking the same Kool-Aid from Waterloo as you are.

    Now, if you wish to continue this pretty much one-sided debate, please let me know and we can start another thread and have these posts moved to it.
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    Please move the war to another thread - I like GG and want to use this thread for GOOD support and questions please.
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    Agreed. I have created a thread in the Other Handhelds, Phones, and Smartphones section and asked the moderators to move the posts there, if possible.
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    Hi, my company just hooked my up with a new Treo 650 running Goodlink, but I have an issue. When Goodlink is initialized my camcorder does not work in hi res (352x288). It gives a video error “unable to encode the video”. On a hard reboot the hi res mode works fine since Goodlink is not running yet. Also, my camcorder does work in low res with goodlink, but not hi-res. Any suggestions? I have 4.1m free.

  7.    #187 heard that one before..let me check with our tech folks on Monday and see if they have heard of anything like that before.
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    Hmmm...interesting. Do you happen to be on Cingular? Also, you said 'hard reboot' but meant 'soft reset' right? IOW, GL is installed, just not initialzed.

    I don't have this problem with my Sprint 650, but a Cingular friend has similar symptoms.
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    Excellent responses and truly appreciate your responses. On my Sprint 650 with GL I have the following problem - when I lose the signal (in a tunnel or an elevator) when I get it back the email locks and displays "Examining Emails" This lasts for anywhere from 30 seconds to minutes, forcing me to do a soft reset. Any way to prevent this? Also, how are you doing on the "sending attachments from Treo" upgrade?
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    Sorry, I meant soft reset. I am on Cingular and I just confirmed that a co-worker has the same issue with the same config as mine.

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    Ahhh...the plot thickens . At least we have a pattern - the first step in debugging.
    I suppose it could still be related to amount of free memory depending on how GL uses NVFS for storage (no GoodStore.db like on the 600), but I kind of doubt it.
    Can't think of what to try other than punt it to GoodGuy
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    daf999999... guys are pulling things out I have never heard. I have never seen "Examing Emails", but I am on a 600 on Sprint. Is the examining emails statement in the GoodLink screen? Do you have any other email apps on the device?

    As for attachments, I am hearing end of the Summer, early Fall.
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    GG, I'm on sprint and see "Examining Emails" during GL initialization but only after a soft reset. You don't see it when simply going back online. Mine only lasts a few seconds, but I tend to file things in other folders and keep the inbox small.

    daf999999 - just guessing here, but do you routinely have a significant amount in your inbox (>100?) - it might be the difference between our experiences. My guess is GL is just examining the headers to get resync'd.

    I can understand the annoyance if it took minutes to get back to normal, but doubt if much could be done about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomvb2000
    Ahhh...the plot thickens . At least we have a pattern - the first step in debugging.
    I suppose it could still be related to amount of free memory depending on how GL uses NVFS for storage (no GoodStore.db like on the 600), but I kind of doubt it.
    Can't think of what to try other than punt it to GoodGuy
    Jimmy - I assume all the Cingular folks are on GL 3.8, correct? Doubt it would make a difference, but upgrading to 4.0 might be worth a try.

    GoodGuy - are there any feature diffs b/t 3.8 and 4.0 on the client side? Wasn't anything mentioned in the release notes. I've pulled 4.0 but haven't gotten around to installing it. Do you know if it can install right on top of 3.8 or do I need to clear x (10?)M of memory first? TIA
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    I have a cingular 650 and have seen this same issue with the video recorder as well, when GL is active and I am trying to record video in the higher res mode, I get the same error about 'unable to encode the video'.. hadn't thought much about it but now it makes more sense to me. I will have to try the soft reset bit and see if it works before initializing GL.. also, I am running 4.0 on the 650..
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    I am running 4.0.

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    You can install right on top of 3.8. Only client side changes you will see will be high res in all GL apps on the 650 and a couple of changes (applications being the primary) in the GL Preferences.
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    GG et. all,

    What sort of Battery life should I expect to receive on my Treo 650 running GL.

    GG excellent debate on GL vs. BB, I too am curious as to why you don't talk about total subscribers, it really defines the market imho.
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    I leave my device on all day and I typically have about 40% battery life when I plug it in around 1:00 AM.

    As for releasing subscription numbers, I obviously don't know the reasoning why we don't. We announce over 4,000 companies utilizing GoodLink.
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    GG, question about beaming contacts after the Good software is installed. I have a Treo 600, running the Good 4.0 client. I tried recieving a beamed contact over the weeekend from another Treo, not running Goodlink. This contact seems to have dissapeared, and does not show up in the Good contacts application. I am guessing maybe it went into the old Palm contacts app instead? When you have good installed though this is hidden.

    I also couldn't beam a contact from my device either. It just doesn't do anything. Does the Good software disable this functionality?

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