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    I was wondering what everyones favorite Avantgo channels are? I think I saw this post a while back but a search yielded no results so here I thought I'de put it up. The channels I have installed are:
    Drink Boy, Fox News & Sports,, and the Weather Channel.
    It was cool because my girlfriend and I were out earlier on and we decided to see a movie and *BAM* I whipped out the Visor and used to see what times and where we should go. It was the first time I have used that channel so I was pretty excited, very useful actually.
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    just wait until Vindigo becomes bigger, not only will it tell you where the movie is playing, but it'll tell you how to get there and which restaurants are nearby!!! We use it in DC and while it's not fully complete, it is remarkable!
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    Any idea when it will become available in the Los Angeles area?
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    I'll go slightly off topic there a better "bartender's guide" out there than DrinkBoy? DrinkBoy is cool and all, but hardly complete.

    As for favorite channels, there really only seems to be a finite number of them that are really worth reading...all available from the avantgo website.

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    I agree with you regarding the incomplete nature of DrinkBoy. I found another drink app that has a lot more to it, but from my recollection it's like $15 to register. There is another one that is around $10 but needs the Teal program which would increas its price even more.
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    i have a MobileDB database called PalmBar which is pretty good..(at least for me...i'm not a HUGE drinker).
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    Yeah, since I'm in a fraternity I'm obligated to drink until my liver no longer functions. Just joking, although I do turn 21 on June 6th.

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