Maybe reset is the wrong word.

I have a Scala-500 BT headset that has been paired. It's set as a trusted device in the 650. BT is set as discoverable on the 650.

Problem is, when I turn the headset off for a period of time (and the 650 "loses" it) then turn it back on it is no longer is recognized by the 650. I have to go into the 650's BT setting and connect again. This happens every time. I don't have to pair it again, I just have to go in to the BT utility and "connect" the Treo with the headset.

Once it's paired and set as trusted shouldn't the headset become ready to use shortly after it is turned on? Always worked that way with my Nokia 6620 (it wasn't the same headset).

Is this a Scala issue or a Treo bug? It's a definite pain in the arse.