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    I just downloaded the free backup program, BackUpAll, and had some questions about it. If anyone here uses it, I'm sure you will know it's very simple. My questions are how do I set it up? Does it backup every time I sync. hypothetically, if I lost all my data, would it restore EVERYTHING? and if so, how would i go about doing that restore? Thanks for the help!
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    I use it, though more through trial and error, than anything.

    From what I understand, the first time you run it, select ALL to back up EVERTYTHING. After that, change it to CHANGED to only backup items that have changed.

    FORCED is where I get a bit confused, but, apparently, it forces ALL databased to backup even if they haven't changed, after you have already set them to CHANGED.

    BackUpAll does not actually restore any of your merely makes sure the get backed up. To restore items that are backed up, just do a hotsyng after a hard reset and everything should return to normal.

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    Thanks for the help, but one more question, what directory will it back everything up into?
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    The BACKUP directory in your PALM directory. Make a copy of that directory every now and then for routine archives...and be sure to make a backup on some sort of archival media as well.

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