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    Has anyone tried this yet? Will it work?
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    If you go to, Russel is podcasting with his 600. I can't see that the 650 wouldn't work.

    I was recording a podcast with my old Sharp Zaurus. I intend on setting up my 650 (if it ever comes in) for podcasting. I'll definitely post a how-to when I do.
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    You can receive podcasts just fine. Use a setup similar to the one on Engadget for non-ipod players. Just instead of using a player, use the SD card that you put in your Treo (you'll need a card reader). I do it all the time.
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    Yeah just download the mp3 or whatever and play on your Treo using Ptunes. Or if you have the patched webpro, you can download the mp3 directly from your Treo onto your card. In fact, I;ve done just that a few times with the engadget podcast and it's worked pretty well...
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    What's the patched web pro?

    You might want to set up a podcast aggregator on your computer. Automatically having all those things on your Treo is really cool. If you use something like ReplayRadio it's even cooler.
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    That is what I did...set up the aggregator on my PC. I know get the Treo, Mac and Engadget podcasts. Thanks!
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    Try "Podcatcher on a Stick".... very cool.

    It's written in Python, resides on your SD card and will work with Mac, Linux or Windows machine. I run it from my card reader and it downloads all my podcasts. Stick the SD card in the Treo and your off!
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    I've been using QuickNews for downloading podcasts during Hotsync (and store on SD Card). Then I use Pocket Tunes to listen to them. Works well.


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    Podcatcher looks great! I've been wanting to look into getting Podcasts setup on my Treo so I could listen to them with the included headset in my free time. I think I just found my solution. :-)
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    The ultimate solution I have found is . I have been using for about two months now and it is unreal. It is as simple as this:

    1) Download the Zip. of their mypodder software
    2) Copy the files to the root of any USB drive in this case your SD Card (I have the sandisk Ultra II Plus USB so I take the card out of my Treo and put it in my computer - but I used to just use Softicks Card Export - I bought the new card because of podcast ready)
    3) Run the program from your usb drive - from any computer with an internet connection. No additional software is required.

    The podcasts are managed with a web interface at and/or by the software on the USB drive (SD Card). It is so freakin slick. Really - It takes all of the hassel out of podcasts. Try it. You will love it. (i did get frustrated with the slow speed of Card Export - but i am so glad I tried it ).

    You can add any podcast from anywhere - they have a cool browser toolbar button that scans a page for feeds... Slick.

    My Equipment:
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    PocketTunes (reads the mp3 tags in the podcasts and organizes them for you)
    cheapo headphones from koss
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    there is a way to get video podcasts from itunes and still be able to view them on the treo in case just listening to them wasn't doing it for you. best of all, you dont need internet on your treo either.

    3 things is all you need
    itunes(naturally), the core pocket media player("tcpmp" available at free), and superavconverter 8.6 build 5330(available free at
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