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    I've seen several advertisements for Simcity intended for the Palm OS. Has anyone tried it, and is there a demo available? Thanks.

    Greg Toledo, Ohio
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    SimCity is a great program other than being a bit expensive. I don't believe there is a demo available, but it is almost 100% exactly like SimCity classic. If you like SimCity you will like this game.
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    I had a copy, but it wouldn't even install on my Visor...not sure if it was the copy I had or ????

    Just an FYI before you purchase it.

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    yeah, umm, simcity seemed to install fine on my visor but when u save a city it takes up about 3-400k with the program file. I found a demo somewhere but it had a time limit (15days or something)if u cant find it, email me at and ill email u the demo i have (it is not registered) BTW, has anyone seen bomerman for palmOS? im looking for it and would be grateful for a URL....

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