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    When I run chatter (and then make a call), the other end says I sound garbled, and sound cuts out periodically. When I uninstall Chatter, everything is fine. It's almost like the data running to chatter interferes with my phone conversation. But I thought data was TOTALLY disconnected when receiving a phone call? Can anyone offer any inights?
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    Huh. I don't think I've heard this before. Chatter does almost nothing during phone calls, certainly not enough to cause an interruption. What provider are you using? Has anyone else seen this (or heard it)?

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    I haven't had this problem.
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    I'm on Cingular with the $20 unlimited Mediaworks package. I'm not 100% sure it's Chatter causing the problem--I only know that when I do a hard reset, the phone is fine until I connect to the internet (which I usually do with Chatter). Then the problems start.

    Tonight I exchanged my GSM Treo 650 with a different unit, but I'm still having the same problem. ARRRGH!! I still think it's somehow the cell towers around here, but I can't find a way to test this (and my old GSM T637 sounds fine). If I can't find a way to fix this problem, looks like I'll have to return it.
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    No such problems with Chatter, a 600, and Cingular wt. mediaworks

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