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    I just purchased a new Treo 650 and I'm having difficulty figuring out a few things. When I first purchased it I added someone to my contacts and it let me add a picture so when they call their picture appears. Subsequently, my company added Goodlink software so I can get me work email. Now there is a separate Goodlink contact list that is synched with my computer, but there is no option to add a picture. So, when the contact calls no picture appears. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Also, is there an alarm feature that I can use to wake me up? My old phone had one and I am suprised that the Treo doesn't. I tried setting a daily reminder, but it only makes a single sound and them goes silent.

    Lastly, I can't believe there is not a back button that will take you back one screen no matter where you are. Maybe I missed it.

    Please help
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    I don't know about the Goodlink software but the alarm clock is located in the World Clock application. You just use the stylus to click on world clock on top and click on options. The rest should be easy enough. I use it every morning and it works great. It even has a snooze option.
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    Thank You! That is great. I was worried about not having an alarm clock.

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