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    Latest issue of Cargo Magazine just hit my mailbox. Yes, it's basically Cosmo for guys. What can I say? I was helping a kid out with some magazine subscriptions.

    There's an article starting on page 86: "True To Type" where they review "the best keyboard phones for guys who are more than just talk."

    They stack the T650 up against the Nokia 9300, Tmob Sidekick II, Blackberry 7100T, Siemens SX66, LG F9100, and the Motorola MPX.

    I'm not going to retype the whole thing here. They graded on three things on a 1-5 scale: Ease of use, Portability, and Keyboard comfort.

    The Treo650 scored a 4, 2, 3 respecitvely. Seems they didn't like the keyboard that much or the lack of wifi. Both things that are mentioned here quite often. Also didn't like the smaller than standard audio jack.

    Why We Picked It:
    This upgraded Treo is the most versatile and powerful PDA phone yet for Palm Os fans.

    What Drives Us Wild:
    As PLam veterans know, the application-rich user-friendlt Palm OS syncs easily with both PCs and Macs (unlike the rival Windows Mobile). The 650 boasts several improvements over it's oredecessor, the 600; Bluetooth, bigger keys, and a video camera (along with a detailed new interface that helps you send e-mail, file videos and images, and zoom in on photo subjects with just a couple of clicks). The formidable 312 MHz Intel processor makes for faster data transfer and better overall performance.

    What Drives Us Crazy:
    Despite the size increase, the keyboard is still too cramped for any serious messaging-we found ourselves hitting the wrong keys constantly. We love the MP3 player, but the smaller-than-standard audio jack won't work without an adapter. Though the device is compact, its protruding keys are uncomfortable in your pocket. And there's no built in Wi-Fi.

    There are similarly-written reviews of all the other models mentioned. Pick up the magazine for thoses.

    In all, nothing Earth-Shaking that we haven't heard ad nauseum before.
    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness
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    I subscribe to this magazine because they are pretty good at keeping up to date with tech stuff. They did lose some credibility with me when they gave the Blackberry 7100 a '4' for portability, but gave the Treo 650 a '2'. According to their measurements the Treo is shorter than the Blackberry by .3 inch, thicker by .1 inch, and has the same width.
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    those who really want to keep up with the latest 'toys' and gadgets, i recommend you all to subscribe to T3 magazine, UK edition!
    the US version is crap.
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    They are reviewing the Treo 600 in their Feb 05 issue?

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